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Glacier Rim Hats • Whitefish, MT

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Custom Hats

To have a custom made hat, which fits you perfectly, and reflects your individual style, is truly a special thing. Your Glacier Rim Hat will last for many years and will become a coveted heirloom piece.

For custom hat fittings, it is crucial we meet in person to get an accurate head measurement and shape. This will require two hat fittings at our meeting space in downtown Whitefish, MT. During the initial hat fitting we will record your head measurement, you'll choose your desired fur felt hat body and color, crown and brim shape, style and hat band options. First hat fitting will be about 45min - 1 hour.


The second hat fitting will be after your hat is blocked, sanded, sweat banded and shaped. This will be a shorter meeting where you will try on your hat to make sure everything fits and feels right before the trimmings. The second fitting is not necessary but is preferred.

Currently, we are 3-4 months out on production time.  We are a small Mom & Pop business and make the hats out of our home studio. We have three retail boutiques, Rhinestone Cowgirl in Big Sky, MT, The Toggery in downtown Whitefish, MT and Clydesdale Outpost in Whitefish, MT, and a wholesale account we need to keep stocked. We also have kids whom we like to adventure with before they don't want to be with us.

We will do the best we can to create your hat before schedule without rushing quality.


Ready to start your custom made, just-for-you hat?

Contact us to be placed in our Custom Hat Queue and we'll email you when we have availability.

Custom orders start at:
  • 100% Beaver // $1195
  • Coypu (Nutria) // $1195
  • Beaver/Rabbit // $895
  • 100% Rabbit// $695
Fur Felt Types

100% Beaver

Naturally water repellant (beavers live in the water). Very durable and produces a nice, soft, velvety finish. Will last about 100 years with proper care. Desired by Cowboys and Cowgirls.

Coypu (Nutria)

Coypu is like a cousin to the beaver (but not as cute). This fur felt offers a more sustainable alternative to 100% Beaver fur felt while retaining the same water resistance, durability, and fine finish. Coypu are an invasive species and are destroying the wetlands of the US. 

50% Beaver/50% Rabbit

Very durable, produces a fine finish, and has a little bit of natural water resistance. It will last about 50 years with proper care. Great for moderate outdoor wear.

100% Rabbit

Rabbit fur felt is durable and cost-effective. It produces a nice finish but is not as soft as beaver felt.

Fur Felt Weights

Dress Felt:

Lighter weight hat body (140-160 grams) is usually used for dress hats and fedoras with shorter brims.

Western Weight:

Heavier, stiffer and denser hat body with larger brim (210-230 grams) used for Western-style hats.

What's Included

All custom hat orders include:

  • An amazing hat!

  • Your name & date stamped into the leather sweatband

  • Hatband with grosgrain ribbon, leather lace, feather, etc.

  • A custom wood band block to maintain proper shape and size.

The Extras

Additional Charges Apply

  • Additional adornments

  • Hand-beaded hatbands

  • Distressing

  • Hand stitching or embroidery

  • Laser engraving

  • Additional embossed names, dates or quotes

Deposit & Time

A $400 deposit is required before we can begin a custom hat. This will be taken at first hat fitting.

A custom hat can be made within 4-5 months depending upon our order queue, our stock, and the availability from our suppliers.

How to measure your head:

Use a tape measure (or a length of string to hold up to a tape measure or ruler) to determine the circumference of your head. Place the string or tape around your head about 1/8″ above your ear, across the mid-forehead and completely encircle your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tight. Measure your head exactly where the hat will sit. If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the next size up.


Find Glacier Rim Hats at the following retail locations.

The Toggery

Whitefish, MT

Clydesdale Outpost

Whitefish, MT

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